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Title: The HARD DATA 11 - incl. Marc Acardipane Interview
Post by: Destiny on March 24, 2017, 06:04:49 PM

The Hard Data has just published issue 11, and it is phenomenal.
Exclusive interview with the father of hardcore techno, Marc Acardipane,
aka The Mover. In his greatest interview since his 1995 feature in Alien Underground,
The Mover reveals more than ever about his connection to 2017 and what
it means. His early childhood, influences and thoughts for the future
are revealed in greater detail than ever before in this
once-in-a-lifetime exclusive.

For this special issue, Mike Hoppe,
Planet Core Productionís main artist designed the cover. Additionally,
Mindcontroller interviews hardcore technoís next major star, Thorax!
Finally, Deadly Buda Comix part 4 slams into print. In this issue a
devastating revelation concerning Videoís past is revealed. Written by
LA Weekly writer Joel Bevacqua, and drawn and inked by hardcore junglist
M27, this is an issue you will want to save forever.