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Newsflash / Miro & The Horrorist > Das seltsame Grau (LS022)
« on: December 01, 2010, 03:39:53 PM »

It's been two years, since  Oliver Chesler  (The Horrorist) and his old buddy Miro have cooked an audio soup together. The title track  Das Seltsame Grau , a modern zombie-dance tale performed by Oliver, showing of his german language-skills and his usual hypnotic power. Together with Miros programming passion, this obscure piece of modern dance music puts a spell on you and the person next to you.

 The Horrorist  wouldn't be the Horrorist, if the music wouldn't speak words of horror, like in Your Lips . Spooky voice effects jacketed in assertive sound structures and bulldozer bass-ground guarantee a cold shower experience and pleasing nightmares.

Lazerslut welcomes  Beaner   (Bar25) , who delights us with his two versions of the main title. Slow, groovy, deep and housey sounds for slow motion afterhours and funny substances. Catchy vibes, carefully crafted with love, knowing what it takes to make „the ones that know what it's all about“ move their wasted bodies in a good Bar25 manner.
Gotta love this one!
Another unique remix (and complete opposite of Beaners remix) is done by  The Mover : Legendary apocalyptic techno hero, co-founder of  PCP  (Planer Core Productions/Frankfurt) and Miro's old colleague, who's last offcial release has been 10 years ago on Tresor. His interpretation of Das Seltsame Grau is, as so often, a slow,
dark and pounding sound with minimoog bassline and heavy melodies.

Pick your poison and enjoy!

Artist: The Horrorist & Miro Pajic
Release: Das Seltsame Grau
Label: Lazerslut
Cat.No: LS022
Genre: Minimal/ Techno/House
Format: Digital
Release Date: 14/12/2010 (Beatport 2 weeks excl.)

(click on tracks for samples)
1. Das Seltsame Grau (Original Mix)
2. Your Lips (Original Mix)
3. Das Seltsame Grau (Ol Dirty Beaner Version)
4. Das Seltsame Grau (Ol Dirty Skirtchaser Version)
5. Das Seltsame Grau (The Mover Remix)

Hi Folks,
just found another "Remake" of Stereo Murder. This time not hardstyle or some  :shit:, but hardtechno / Schranz.
However, its the new Djax Up Beats:
Miss Djax & Human Resource vs Marshall Masters - Stereo Destroyer
Djax Up 389
A1: Stereo Destroyer
B1: Stereo Destroyer (Live Version)

Found a preview at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Music / Stickhead > Horror in the Woods (Strike Records 53)
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:56:19 AM »
Option 1 : I am blind and can't find a thread to this release.
Option 2: You are all blind or just lazy...
Miro is back for weeks with some imo very nice stuff, and nothing is mentioned here....
Anyhow, soundfiles at sbm...

great  :shit: on a 2x12":

01) Hammerface
02) Under
03) Race Of Death
04) Mind Drill
05) Horror In The Woods
06) Dark Angel
07) Tools Of Torture
08) Splattered

Time Machine / SMASH ! Live @ Federation-X 11.04.2009
« on: April 12, 2009, 07:57:10 PM »
Not the best Soundqualitat nor HQ-Video, but some of you may be interesstant.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Music / (HHR 003) Dr. Macabre - Classics From The Attic Vol. 2
« on: March 26, 2009, 01:02:43 PM »

A1 - Poltergeist (Power Plant 003)
A2 - You Must Die (Haunted House 000)
B1 - Alone In The Dark (Epileptik HS 006)
B2 - Crève charogne (Unpublished)

Music / Free Download: The Horrorist- Born this Way
« on: January 21, 2009, 01:38:51 AM »

Today is my birthday but today I have a gift for you. It's one of my new songs that will appear on my next album. Feel free to copy and share it. In fact, I hope you help me spread it around. - Oliver Chesler

So, i would like to say:

Thanks and Happy Birthday! Thanks and Happy Birthday! Thanks and Happy Birthday

Two guys have wasted their time at airports, in this case, London’s Heathrow, by writing down strange names and asking the airport Information Center to locate these people by calling out their names on the airport’s PA system. These guys would then hang out beneath the speakers and record the results.

In order to make it as believable as possible, they dressed up as chauffeurs and asked for help finding these people about 40 minutes after a Thai Airways or Air India flight had landed.

They acted as if they could not pronounce the names themselves, so as not to reveal the joke, but just handed over a note with the names printed on it and asked the employ at the Information Center.

After the fifth recording, they had to leave Heathrow as airport security figured out what was going on. The last recording is from Gatwick.

Check the recordings here:

- MC Da Syndrome
- Jappo
- Bass-D
- Drokz
- PCP live
- Shadowlands terrorists live
- Ruffneck vs. Gangsta Alliance
- G-Town Madness live
- Stanton
- Chosen Few
- Neophyte

- MC Ruffian
- Noize Suppressor live
- Promo
- D-Passion
- Weapon X
- Mad Dog
- Evil Activities
- Meccano Twins
- Vince vs. Predator
- Endymion vs. Nosferatu

- MC Justice
- Radium
- Manu le Malin
- Negative A
- Hellfish
- The Outside Agency vs. MC Entro
- Enzyme X
- Tymon

Music / [A2017C003] Pilldriver - Classic Hardcore Volume 3
« on: July 03, 2008, 08:43:54 PM »
A: Pitch-hiker
B: Apocalypse never

De line-up:

Rotterdam Records Area:
Paul Elstak
De Euromasters
Panic vs. Scott Brown
Nosferatu vs. Evil Activities
Prankster vs. Outrage
Hosted by MC Alee

Rotterdam classics Area:
DJ Stanton
Rotterdam Termination Source
DJ Lars
DJ Rob & MC Joe
DJ Gijs
Red Delicious
Hosted by MC TMC

Rotterdam Tekno Area:
Da Hustlerz aka Bad Boyz
Digital Punk
Da Emperor

De voorverkoop is reeds begonnen via Misschien een beetje vroeg, maar door de snelle kaartverkoop en de ontzettend volle Outland van vorig jaar hebben we besloten jullie wat tijd te gunnen voor de aanschaf van jullie kaartjes.

Algemene informatie:
Datum: zaterdag 19 juli 2008
Naam: Rotterdam Records 15 + 1 Jaar
Locatie: Outland, Rotterdam
Tijd: 22:00 - 06:00

If i am correct the first Hardcore Track by Acardipane since 5 or 6 Years, or?
Im courious how it will be. Maybe the Start of more to come?

Headbanger - R-evolution (2CD+DVD)

1 Headbanger - Never ever scream
2 Headbanger vs DJ J.D.A. - Mark U 4 death
3 Headbanger feat. Alee & Ruffian - Headbanger's theme 2008 (Headbanger rmx)
4 Headbanger - Prey 2 panic (Headbanger smashed-up mix)
5 Headbanger - This is war (DJ D rmx)
6 Headbanger vs Kasparov - Die you motherfucker
7 Headbanger - Eyes of a psycho
8 Headbanger vs Human Resource - Beserker
9 Headbanger vs Omar Santana - Wicked Style
10 Headbanger - God abandoned me
11 Headbanger vs Delirium - Danger (Scott Brown rmx)
12 Headbanger - No law 2008 (Headbanger rmx)
13 Headbanger - Knock your brain numb
14 Headbanger - Dark impulses (Angerfist refix)
15 Headbanger - Severed heads

1 Headbanger - Sweet dreams 2008 (Marc Acardipane Headbanging rmx ft. The Ultimate MC)
2 Headbanger feat. Alee & Ruffian - Headbanger's theme 2008 (Evil Activities rmx)
3 Headbanger - I'm in your head 2008 (The Playah rmx)
4 Headbanger vs Paul Elstak - A taste of fear (DJ J.D.A. rmx)
5 Headbanger feat. MC Da Mouth of Madness - Apocalypse (Dione rmx)
6 Headbanger - Baddest motherfucker (The Hitmen rmx)
7 Headbanger feat MC Alee - Strike (Kasparov rmx)
8 Headbanger feat MC Alee - Pray 4 daylight (Human resource rmx)
9 Headbanger - Are u afraid of the dark (Omar Santana & Dre Hectik rmx)
10 Headbanger feat. Alee & Ruffian - At large (Delirium & Delusional rmx)
11 Headbanger vs Delirium - World wide blast off (Mainframe rmx)
12 Headbanger - Exterminators (Accelarator rmx)
13 Headbanger vs Dione - Pain is god ( Darkcontroller rmx)
14 Headbanger - Evil never dies (Partyraiser rmx)

+ Headbanger DVD

Music / Unknown > Don't touch PCP (Whitelabel)
« on: March 05, 2008, 06:14:11 PM »
Artist:      Unknown      
Titel:       Don't Touch PCP   
Label:       White Label   
Labelcode:       P-CP   
Richtung:       Hardtechno   
Release:       03/2008   

A1: Don't Schranz That Stereo
B1: Don't Touch PCP

I do not know what to say , but i am shure, it can be good and will deliever hundrets of thousands of complaining replies---te recht! A PCP Bootleg can't work, but i wanted to let you know about this Waste of Oil. 

Newsflash / [lazer002] MIRO PAJIC >>In The Blur<<
« on: February 19, 2008, 11:31:52 AM »

i'm proud to announce the next release on LAZERSLUT.
you can download this 4 tracker from now on exclusive at

also go to the lazerslut profile from my top list to hear samples of LS002!


02 BUBBLEBLITZEN (Greenbeam & Leon's Lazer Remix)


check this mainly dark but groovy dancefloor killer and have fun!!


Pro Mode Entertainment presents
11.05.2008 German Hardcore History

Line Up:

Evolution Vs Giant
Kahlkopf Vs Jeckyll
Hate Division
Phenomenal vs Godbuzda

Stan Grewzell(Industrial Strenght)


Jim Sparxx
Baby Raw Vs Ron
Cut X
Mortiter feat MC Mirender
Rod Bolts

Xol Dog 400


Loop Vs.Sonic D
Reptile Vs N-Thrax
Da Bryan Vs Q-Bass
Free Vis


Zeche Carl
Wilhelm-Nieswandt-Allee 100
45326 Essen

Infos comming soon

Music / [Video] Smash at Dance Contest, Planet Fantasy Dülmen 95, Germany
« on: February 07, 2008, 07:38:37 PM »
Maybe somebody is interessted:
There are also 2 other parts from that party, but with Neophyte, EHU, RTC, i guess nobody of you want to see.
If, let me know, otherwise joy is part.
Frankfurt ist korrekt, 2, 3, 4,...

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