Acardipane Records


Cat. # Artist Title Format
ACA001/12 Marshall Masters E-Ternal (12")
ACA002/12 Miro Shining (12")
ACA003/12 Rave Creator Divine Dancer (12")
ACA004/12 E-Man Bass Machine (12")
ACA005/12 Tschabos Und Die Bass Ist Oberlaut (12")
ACA007/12 Tschabos Konstablerwache 2000 (12")
ACA008/12 Miro Rizing High (12")
ACA009/12 Marc Acardipane Today Tomorrow Forever (12")
ACA010/12 E-Man Under My Command (12")
ACA011/12 Various Lost 2001 Classics - Volume1 (12")
ACA012/12 M. Acardipane feat. The Horrorist Metal Man (12")
ACA013/12 Crossbones Last Tomorrow EP (12")
ACA2017.001/12 Mescalinum United We Have Arrived 2002 (Remixes) (12")
ACA2017.002/12 Mescalinum United We Have Arrived 2003 (Remixes) (12")
ACA2017.003/12 Superpower S.T.R.O.B.E. (12")
ACA2017.004/12 The Horrorist Mission Ecstasy 2003 (12")
ACA2017.005/12 E-Man E-Ville (12")
ACA2017-12-1 Marshall Masters feat. The Ultimate MC I Like It Loud (12")
B034149 No Sukkaz We'll Never Walk Alone (12")
B259472-01 Marc Acardipane feat. Dick Rules I Like It Loud (12")
ACA001/CD Marc Acardipane Presents See You In 2017 - Chapter One (CD)
ACA002/CD Miro Hardcore Made In Frankfurt (CD)
ACA003/CD Lost 2001 The Cold Rush Classics 1993-1997 (2CD)
ACA004/CD DE 2001 The Dance Ecstasy Classics 1990 - 1998 (2CD)
ACA005/CD Tschabos Feierabend (CD)
ACA007-CDM Tschabos Konstablerwache 2000 (MCD)

Additional Information
ACA 006/12 Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived 2001 was planned for the 6th release.

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