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Back To The Phuture - Sampler 2/2 [hand stamped / vinyl only]



A1 The Mover - Program Your Fate
B1 Miro - Sequence Freak
B2 E-Man - Pest-E-Lence

We are proud to present The Mover and Miro on Self Reflektion for the second REFLEKT010 sampler. Featured is a selection of tracks previously unreleased on vinyl. While both have helped shaping the techno sound from the early 90's on, tracks as 'Sequence Freak' from 1998, 'Pest-E-Lence' from 1999 and 'Program Your Fate' from 2002 sound fresh and most relevant today - a small glimpse from the impressive discographies of two producers that were way ahead of their time. VINYL ONLY!

In the pocket  8)


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