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Time Machine / Scene @ Helsinki, Finland. (Answer to PLACID's question)
« on: January 15, 2007, 11:03:58 PM »
PLACID asked my about the scene in Finland. I didn't know which part i should have put it, so i put it here.

DISCLAIMER: This my view of the scene. Some other finn might say something completely different. ;)

Techno is actually not dead in here. We have 2-3 international dj's playing at in local clubs almost every weekend. From Jeff Mills to T.P.Heckmann, Speed Freak to Dynamix II, Lasse Steen to Bass Junkie etc... and of course all big trance names like Armin, Ferry Corsten and such. There are few bigger organizers for big dj's and festivals and dozen for smaller parties around finland. Most of the parties are on 4 biggest cities.

There are at least dozen finnish artists releasing techno almost monthly on different german/uk labels and some smaller finnish labels too. And same amount of other artists releasing trance and they infact call finnish trance sound as a "sauna trance".

Hardcore scene is pretty small. There is something like 5-10 hardcore or hardcorish parties a year. Only couple of hardcore djs including me and those who organize parties more or less play themself too. There used to be more Gabber sounds available back when the "THUNDERDOME 1-10+" were released.

Me and my friend were almost only ones playing early frenchcore, industrial strength, drop bass network kind of sound.

Freeform / hardtrance / hardhouse / hardstyle... scene has been growing steadily and with it. Hardcorish sounds have been coming more accepted as well and BPM's rise often over 170BPM.

PCP/Doomcore or so called darker slower / industrial sound is quite rare. Some industrial/rhythmic noise parties play this kind of sound more.

DJs are moving more and more to MP3 playing. Burning CDRs or using SERATO and such. That has ment that djs have started to experiment with stuff they didnt have before and that will hopefully open some new scene and blood to scene. (Altho i hate those djs that only download al their music from the internet and play those only).

Any questions? My mind might have drifted to much on the writing?

-- xybo

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