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Planet-Core dot com / Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!
« on: January 30, 2009, 08:12:27 PM »
it's a shame the scene has taken that direction, the SGC parties were nice. a small but select crowd of followers and high quality music all night long.
Well, what can I say? I would like to organize some parties, maybe with splitted dancefloors with different techno styles in it, but the main problem is to find a proper location in Frankfurt. A party in FFM would bring much more people there because it's more central for everybody. But I'm a quite "hard working guy" ;D right now and I'm missing the time to do that.
i think the forum should resurrect the idea of holding a PCP fan party and hold it in Frankfurt  Boogie
Of course, that's what I always wanted and the idea will never die!!!

Greet all the guys from the Crossbones crew, would like to pay you a visit someday in the future again.

Return to Zero / Re: brutal sesame street
« on: January 30, 2009, 12:26:25 AM »
Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

And the missing singer??? Cookie Monster??? Syncronized by The Berzerker!!!
Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

hi !!

i'm a french guy,big fan of de2001,pcp,cold rush....since a very long time...

 i'm searching clothes of that!

t.shirt , sweet-shirt , all....

who could help me ????

thanks a lot!

Better a late anwer than no answer.

I'm afraid most of the stuff wasn't easy to get anyway and the last time I heard about clothing merchandise by PCP was almost 5 years ago and I'm living very close to Frankfurt. A friend told me that he and another friend met the former owner of the Embargo FFM! Shop in Frankfurt and he had some 303 Nation, 9mm and Welcome to Frankfurt shirt's left over from the 90's. But even my Frankfurt mates could only get some stuff for themselves.
Best thing to do is make your own special shirt.    8)

Planet-Core dot com / Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!
« on: January 29, 2009, 10:00:33 PM »
welcome to the forum tyrone, what's up with S-G-C these days? and what the hell has happened to frankfurt?? ???

Hi Necro!
Well, what can I say? The S-G-C crew is kind of in the "Everybody is the doing his own thing" mood. Since 3 years I'm living in Hanau, 10km away from Frankfurt and working in a "Gothic  ???" shop for a half year now. The last 3-4 years I only played on 2 or 3 :zzz: parties.
Don't have so much contact with Kevin or Pascal, I heard Kevin is more into the Hardtechno stuff right now and Pascal is hanging out with Miro. The only one I see often is Michelle's brother Billy, he's living here in Hanau too.

I'm working on a restart, saving money for producing equipment, have to get my ass back to the DJ-booth of some parties again and I want to start to produce some fine dark doom style tracks.(I've got so much ideas in my mind, they must get out!) :shakefist:

And Frankfurt???
Beam me back to the old days!!! :'(

Sounds nice, I've heard about the party in Second Life already and I'm really into the Industrial Darkcore stuff from the Cardiac Crew ( The Outside Agency, Mindustries, Enzyme X) for a while.
I havn't been to any parties in "Ruhrpott" for years already, because I don't really like the athmosphere there (too many posers, Gabber uniformation and some people looking at me as they never have seen a black guy before or maybe they think: "what's doing this Hip Hopper here?"), but let's see. If I don't have to work that Saturday (what I don't think), you'll maybe see me getting my kicks in the Industrial area.
(Watch out for a tall black guy in black oversized cloth and baggy pants.)

Planet-Core dot com / Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!
« on: January 27, 2009, 07:45:20 PM »
welcome m8   :D
contacted you a long time ago, about a mix a have of you
it was 64kb/s bitrate, but if it is possible I would like it in better quality, I just like it so much
This is the mix I am talking about:

Dark T - Preaching the Doom Bass

still possible to get it?
Hey Tinus,
I still got the mix somewhere on Disc, I only have to make a mp3 in propper bitrate out of it(320kbps should be o.k. :D).
There's only one problem, the mix on the CD is splitted with trackmarkes, so I have to record it from CD-Rom to HD. Hope my damn Vista allows me to do that (On Vista there's no internal recording possible from Wave Out >:D).

Frontal Frustration / Re: Stovepipe Dave
« on: January 26, 2009, 11:34:18 PM »
Muahahaha::: :P
You think Marc tells us all his secrets?
I would say that are some of this typical aliases for Marc & Thorsten never linked in Discogs, nothing else would make sense.
But nice to see that some of you guys are really deep into digging out PCP secrets!!!

Time Machine / Re: pcp live act@mayday 1993 germany
« on: January 26, 2009, 11:04:18 PM »
Wow, this brings back old memories!!! :boogie:

Planet-Core dot com / Re: New member? Introduce yourself here!
« on: January 26, 2009, 10:46:33 PM »
Hi Tschabos, forgot to introduce myself:

Name: Tyrone aka Dark T
Date of birth: 01-06-1975   
City: Hanau (near Frankfurt)
Country: D
First PCP live PA: PCP @ Mayday, The Judgement Day @ Westfalenhalle Dortmund 30.04.1993
Best PCP live PA: PCP "Germanic" (as listed on Flyer) @Terror Temple, Festhalle Frankfurt, ??. Feb. 1994
Favourite PCP track: too many to mention

I started listening to electonic music in early 1993, but already heard that classic Rotterdam Records stuff since then. The turning point was August 1993, when me and some friends wanted to go to Zürich Street Parade in summer 1993. We wanted to buy tickets for the Energy Rave after the parade, but the Frankfurt recordshop "Dellirium" only had tickets for "Immortality/Hellraiser" in Amsterdam. So that's where my "real" hardcore journey started.
Have to say more???

The Charts / Re: Top 5 beers
« on: January 25, 2009, 11:40:58 PM »
Well, this topic had it's last entry quite a while ago, but maybe we can refresh it a little.
So, my Top 5 beers are:
1. Murphy's Irish Red
2. Beamish Irish Stout
3. San Miguel (Spanish stuff)
4. Beck's Gold
5. Binding Pils (of course from Frankfurt)

If sombody knows where I can get the first two one's in bottles in Germany, pleeeease, send me an info!!!

Time Machine / Re: PCP @ Youtube
« on: January 25, 2009, 05:38:41 PM »
Found some more:
Hypnotizer - Electronic Erotic
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Time Machine / Re: PCP @ Youtube
« on: January 22, 2009, 01:03:19 AM »
Lunatic Asylum - A Long Way To Heaven (Meltdown Remix from The Mover).
Embedding was deactivated by the Youtube user, so I'll put the link here:

Really my favorite remix from The Mover. :boogie:

Time Machine / Re: 303 Nation Live Energy Rave 1993
« on: January 22, 2009, 12:34:57 AM »
Energy Rave 1993? Wasn't that a whole weekend Party in May in the famous Music Hall in Frankfurt? I think I've been there on Saturday to Sunday night and it must have been only a few days before my 18 birthday. But I only remember damn Cosmic Baby live when I was waiting in the crowd to get into the club! Shihit!!! :shit: >:( :'(

Nope, I've just seen the date on the recording, that was the August weekend, where I've been to my first Hellraiser in Amsterdam. This video is from Energy Rave in Zurich, Switzerland, the main Party from the Street Parade. Then I'm glad, my party was HELL better, even without a PCP performance! :P

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