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Music / The Slowcore Compilation Part 2
« Last post by Low Entropy on March 05, 2022, 01:42:14 AM »

Last year's The Slowcore Compilation on Doomcore Records was a huge success; in fact, it quickly became the most succesful release on the label!
While the Slowcore genre seemingly bubbled under the surface for many years, with this release, the word finally went out, and the Slowcore message spread quickly. People finally started to talk about Slowcore, and take the genre seriously.
A lot of artists began producing Slowcore themselves in the wake of the compilation.
And an effect on the Doomcore Records label itself was the formation of the first (sub)label solely dedicated to the Slowcore sound itself: Slowcore Records.

So it was obvious we had to do a follow-up this year; and here it is.

The Slowcore Compilation Part 2

Once again, the sound on this compilation is very varied; influences from Industrial Hardcore, Doomcore, Gabber, Techno, Dub, Noize, Oldschool, weird sound experiments... should really be something for everyone!
Both big name artists aswell as interesting newcomers are here.
And we think the release really shows the power of Slowcore: hard-as-nails drums, darkest atmospheres, hypnotic rhythms. All at slow speed. Showing the infinite possibilities of low tempo electronic music.
We were especially suprised how heavy and brutal a lot of the sounds were for this year's compilation. Definitely for the headstrong! But there are also calm and soothing moments.
In our opinion, Part 2 is even a step up from the first compilation!
25 tracks in total. Over 2 hours of music.

We once more hope that people enjoy this release, and that it might help to push the Slowcore idea a bit more into the worldwide music scene!

Huge thanks go out to all artists involved in this compilation!

Oh, in case, while reading this, you wondered all the time what kind of genre Slowcore actually is, you can find more information here:

Various Artists - The Slowcore Compilation Part 2

01. Silent Humanity - Lost In The Space (115 Bpm) 07:51
02. Der Cherep - Heresy Of The Maleficae (115 Bpm) 05:17
03. Life Runs Dark - Road To Acid (120 Bpm) 04:54
04. Mirvcore - Scourging The Soul Till There Is Nothing Left (100 Bpm) 05:26
05. ZornusMaximus - Tut Tut (90 Bpm) 07:06
06. Low Entropy - Slowcore Overdrive (Short Mix) (60 Bpm) 04:27
07. Origin Of Styx - Something Is Missing (90 Bpm) 04:47
08. Mal - Empty Your Mind (104 Bpm) 06:15
09. 303 Hz - Combo (125 bpm) 08:14
10. Raver Blaster - Vitamin (125 Bpm) 05:21
11. Dedraver - Keep It Movin (118 Bpm) 04:11
12. Braintune - The Truth (120 Bpm) 05:22
13. Cement Tea - Haunted Bagpipe (65 Bpm) 05:59
14. Terrorist Kriss - Locked Up (90 Bpm) 02:02
15. Plinn 1518 - Zone De Combat (83 Bpm) 05:12
16. Primitik - Dark Meditation (85 Bpm) 07:34
17. Underground Tacticz - Connected Devices (Original Mix) (105 Bpm) 06:06
18. Mal & Touffy - Acid Mists (115 Bpm) 06:26
19. Fabrikmutter - Colapso (112 Bpm) 05:08
20. Raver Blaster - Protein (125 bpm) 05:44
21. Bazer - Alien Swarm (100 Bpm) 06:06
22. Primitik - Alien Creep (66 Bpm) 07:45
23. DJ Kaioh - Cum (125 Bpm) 03:51
24. Autonomaton - Time-Trip Out Sequence (90 Bpm) 03:33
25. Dr. Slowcore - Suicidal Slowcore Epidemic (1 Bpm) 04:31
Music / Low Entropy - Reminiscence
« Last post by Low Entropy on January 28, 2022, 12:02:02 AM »

In Low Entropy's own words:

"Urban Uprising and Emerald Planet are by far the most known tracks from my early years of doing music. Played by DJs and at partys all over the world. I can't believe it's now 20 years that I produced Urban Uprising! So I think it's time for a little re-lease.
On here are fully re-recorded and re-mastered versions of these classic tracks. Everything else has been kept purely original.
As an addition, there are the tracks "Second Uprising" and "Third Uprising", which were produced in the same era - between 2001 and 2004.

So, maybe you enjoy this little trip in the past. 4 Doomcore and Techno productions by me.

L.E. Over and Out"

So, without further ado, we present you this release!

Low Entropy - Reminiscence

1. Urban Uprising (143 BPM) (Re-Mastered 2022)
2. Second Uprising (150 BPM) (Re-Mastered 2022)
3. Emerald Planet (140 BPM) (Re-Mastered 2022)
4. Third Uprising (130 BPM) (Re-Mastered 2022)
Music / Low Entropy - Slowcore Records
« Last post by Low Entropy on November 20, 2021, 02:07:47 PM »

The Slowcore Records journey continues. This is a release for those who like really, really low tempos. We have four tracks here from 15 BPM to 120 BPM. Noise, distortion, bass, the typical Low Entropy Doomcore melodies, it's all in this place.
A grim and fierce release for our gloomy world. If you're into Slowcore - why not give it a try?


Low Entropy - Slowcore Rules The World

1. Locked Down Slowcore (15 BPM)
2. Death Dance Of Slowcore (30 BPM)
3. Teufels Slowcore (60 BPM)
4. Garden Of Infernal Delights (120 BPM)

Slowcore 09
For Sale / F%@#ing Loud! Shirt search
« Last post by Doedoe on November 07, 2021, 08:00:24 AM »
Hello friends,
I recently saw a picture of someone wearing a  F%@#ing Loud! T-shirt I don't know where but I saw one, I think it was Liza N Elias was wearing a shirt, but I want to know if anyone has one they're willing to sell I really want a fucking loud t-shirt.
If you have one please let me know, because I've looked for one for many years now and I've been very unsuccessful.
Email me at: or

Thanks in advance and stay safe everyone
Music / Shatterdoom - Oldschool Style Doomcore Compilation
« Last post by Low Entropy on November 04, 2021, 07:20:10 PM »

We at Doomcore Records are interested in what we call "Progressive Doomcore"; Music that fuses Doomcore with modern ideas, experiments, new genres, futurism. But at the same time we love the Oldschool Doomcore sound of the 1990s, when this movement of music began. This is no contradiction; we see both the New- and Oldschool as precious parts of the Doomcore whole.
Yet, most labels and artist moved on, and it can be hard to find some real new Oldschool Style Doomcore.
That's why this compilation is here; we want to push that sound into the spotlight once more. Presenting artists and tracks that are, in one way or the other, undoubtly inspired by the roots of the Doomcore sound in the 90s. Ranging from Doomtechno to more Hardcore themed tracks and Arenacore.
All sonic creations on here have been taken from the Doomcore Records archive. Enjoy!


01. Danx - The Afterlife
02. Syndroom - Melanchoholic
03. AnTraxid - Akira
04. Mongloids Of Tommorow - Listerine (Raw Liquid Mix)
05. Euthanasylum - Temporal E-llusion
06. Nkisi - Euphoria Not Happiness
07. Low Entropy - Rave On! (Refined Mix)
08. Aliocha - Je Ne Me Confesserai Plus
09. Verminous Skumm - Deinococcus Radiodurans
10. Syndroom - Eternal Agony
11. Mongloids Of Tommorow - Frequency Of The Unknown (Pre Mix)
12. Euthanasylum - Drop The Curtains On Tomorrow
13. Meta-Morph - Metamorphose 1
14. Life Runs Dark - Lost In The Underground
15. AnTraxid - Man's Nature
16. Aliocha - Cupidon Is Dead
Music / Old PCP Footage
« Last post by chookter on August 01, 2021, 03:06:23 PM »
Does anybody know if the old footage is available say on DVD or even video. I find the one at Kraftwerk the best (PCP (Planet Core Productions) @ Kraftwerk Chemnitz 1995) and would love the whole thing and in good quality. Another unparalleled performance was at Terror Temple in January of 1994.

Dream Nation Festival, the unmissable annual meeting of electronic cultures, will be held on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 September in a 100% new open air format.
This year, the festival will once again offer you its share of wonders in a unique aerial spot by taking over the emblematic Parc des Expositions Paris Le Bourget. It is to the rhythm of the best of Techno, Trance, Bass Music and Hard Music that forty artists will take turns behind the decks embodied by the precursors, heavyweights and headliners of tomorrow.
Spread over more than 30,000m2, the event promises a dreamlike journey with a spectacular decor, impressive scenographies, enhanced by video installations and 3D mapping. All this accompanied by breathtaking circus shows. So, ready to try the experience? Save the date! #OneDreamOneNation
■■  LINE-UP ■■
Paula Temple x Snts | Warface | Anime x Mad Dog | Act of rage | Rooler | Manu Le Malin | Paul Seul ( Casual Gabberz) | Le Bask | Radium x Maissouille | Jacidorex | Airod | D- Fence | The Satan | SHDW & Obscure Shape | Cleric | Remzcore | Vortek's x Venom | Sentimental rave | Von bikrav | Stranger | Cassie Raptor | Pawlowski | Lacchesi | Opk | Alys | Thomas Delecroix ...

Eptic | Dirtyphonics | Hilight Tribe | Captain Hook | Doctor P | Trampa x Badklaat | Ajja | Avalon | Killbox (Ed Rush x Audio) | Phace x Misanthrop | Morten Granau | Phaxe | Samplifire x Ivory | Majistrate x Upgrade x Nu Elementz | Graviity | Unlogix | Clouds | CJ Bolland | D. Carbone | Elisa Do Brasil | Niveau Zero | Otezuka | Tom Neptunes x Sylvermay | ILLNURSE | ROGE | Trudge Live | Chlr | Balagan ...

Tickets available here:

Music / Doomland 2x12"
« Last post by Low Entropy on March 28, 2021, 03:37:15 PM »

Could've been posted in the admin forum as well, because our admim has a track on it  :)

Doomcore Records proudly presents: a collaboration with Teknoland Production, and the first Doomcore Records related double Vinyl including some Doomcore Records artists, and other great producers!
9 tracks, everything from Industrial Hardcore to Doomcore and Doomtechno!

You can order the 2xVinyl here:
Or at Toolbox:

1. Dario Mentasmo - Scared 05:02
2. Primitik - The Megamix 04:20
3. Low Entropy - Sadstep 03:40
4. Cyrilien - Hardcoreur (Brutal Kick Mix) 04:59
5. Middle M - Personnal 06:25
6. Autisticghost - Pompe de Merde 06:43
7. Desolation - Shalltear 05:13
8. Verminous Skumm - I'm a Rotten Rat 06:35
9. Joshua - Crypt (49,3 remix) 05:38
Planet-Core dot com / Where's the love?
« Last post by Tinus on March 01, 2021, 12:01:11 AM »
Are we dying? :o
Time Machine / THAI009, it's here, it's finally here!!
« Last post by Tinus on October 03, 2019, 08:12:17 AM »
after 20 years, finally in my collection.
Thnx Sheep  :boogie:
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