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Author Topic: PCP - Rare And Unreleased Projcts  (Read 2984 times)

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PCP - Rare And Unreleased Projcts
« on: May 05, 2014, 08:14:28 PM »
a look at rare, obscure, exotic projects of the PCP crew.

Jack Lucifer Full Length Album

the second Kotzaak Compilation, From the Deepest Depths, features 3 tracks by jack lucifer (and 1 hidden track),
that were supposed to be of a full length jack lucifer album release, that is announced to be upcoming.
they are in the later style picked up by jack lucifer, not the early kotzaak style, but his blend of death metal
and electronic equipment. the name of the album was supposed to be "contaminated black planet".
in a later interview he said, this album was finished, but never released. he doesn't want to release it so far,
unless he has re-recorded all the tracks again.

See Ya In 2017

See Ya in 2017 was a different version of what was later the Frankfurt Trax 3 Album. it exists only as a
white label testpressing. it has almost the same tracklisting as the frankfurt trax album - but it has three
extra tracks, which are not released elswhere. one is a techno track, one in white breaks style, and one in 303
nation style (probably done by them?).

Unreleased 1993 Mover Demotape

a tape marc acardipane made in 1993. not much about this is known. the tracks are in mover style, but could also
be tracks supposed to be put our under other monikers of acardipane (nasty django, ace the space?).

The Praxis Tape

a rumor from the internet, that the "track 2" put out on the praxis CD compilation paraphysical cybertronics was part of a tape with much more tracks (thus the name "track 2") by the mover.

The Live Double CD

in the early years, the pcp liveact often didn't play pre-existing tracks, but did special live tracks, that were often improvised live. almost nothing of this surfaced later. there seems to be a split between normal tracks, that were put out on vinyl and CD, and the pcp live stuff, which was just for the liveacts. in an interview acardipane talks about a planned PCP live double CD with this material, but it never surfaced.

The Mescalinum United Ambient Album

in the famous alien underground interview, marc acardipane mentions having finished a mecalinum united album of twisted dark ambient tracks. it never came to light. could it be that later ambient releases (1987 metamorphosis, jupiter pulse) were originally part of this album?

Tomorrowland Recordings

this, and i think other labels, were mentioned in an old pcp feature in a magazine. these labels were planned, but never came to existance. one can only wonder what sound wouldve been put out on them.


around 2004, marc acardipane announced on the planet core forum, that he had rediscovered masters of plenty of unreleased tracks he done under monikers such as alien christ, ace the space. he said he wants to put them out on a big DVD, complete with unreleased video and live footage.
again, this never came to light.
the only thing that surfaced was the PCP mayday 1993 live video, which was planned to be released on this DVD.

(if anyone has further info, i will be happy to add it to the text)


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Re: PCP - Rare And Unreleased Projcts
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2014, 06:44:57 PM »
Nice sum up! Thanks for sharing.

There was also a Mover cd release planned on Rephlex records (CAT043) called Total Sickness. Don't know if it where unreleased tracks or not but still a shame.
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Re: PCP - Rare And Unreleased Projcts
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2015, 08:48:22 AM »
Any news about a new Mover album?