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Author Topic: Shatterdoom - Oldschool Style Doomcore Compilation  (Read 2283 times)

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Shatterdoom - Oldschool Style Doomcore Compilation
« on: November 04, 2021, 07:20:10 PM »

We at Doomcore Records are interested in what we call "Progressive Doomcore"; Music that fuses Doomcore with modern ideas, experiments, new genres, futurism. But at the same time we love the Oldschool Doomcore sound of the 1990s, when this movement of music began. This is no contradiction; we see both the New- and Oldschool as precious parts of the Doomcore whole.
Yet, most labels and artist moved on, and it can be hard to find some real new Oldschool Style Doomcore.
That's why this compilation is here; we want to push that sound into the spotlight once more. Presenting artists and tracks that are, in one way or the other, undoubtly inspired by the roots of the Doomcore sound in the 90s. Ranging from Doomtechno to more Hardcore themed tracks and Arenacore.
All sonic creations on here have been taken from the Doomcore Records archive. Enjoy!


01. Danx - The Afterlife
02. Syndroom - Melanchoholic
03. AnTraxid - Akira
04. Mongloids Of Tommorow - Listerine (Raw Liquid Mix)
05. Euthanasylum - Temporal E-llusion
06. Nkisi - Euphoria Not Happiness
07. Low Entropy - Rave On! (Refined Mix)
08. Aliocha - Je Ne Me Confesserai Plus
09. Verminous Skumm - Deinococcus Radiodurans
10. Syndroom - Eternal Agony
11. Mongloids Of Tommorow - Frequency Of The Unknown (Pre Mix)
12. Euthanasylum - Drop The Curtains On Tomorrow
13. Meta-Morph - Metamorphose 1
14. Life Runs Dark - Lost In The Underground
15. AnTraxid - Man's Nature
16. Aliocha - Cupidon Is Dead