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Author Topic: "We asked a chatbot AI how classic hardcore labels could have continued"  (Read 1755 times)

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"We asked a chatbot AI to imagine how discontinued classic hardcore labels could have continued - these are the results!"

Excerpt; the results for PCP:  8)

T.H.C.O.D.: Dear Chatbot. I want to do the following. I want to write a "what if?" type of blog post. In this post, I will look at discontinued Hardcore techno labels. I want to look at the question: "what if they actually had continued? What if they had released more records?". For this, I want you to give me examples of potential, but fictional records. Records that never existed. Could you kindly provide such examples?

Chatbot: I'll do my best to generate imaginative and creative examples of fictional records that could have been released by the discontinued Hardcore techno labels you provide. Please provide the first label's name to get started.

T.H.C.O.D.: PCP aka Planet Core Productions.

Chatbot: Great! Based on the existing discography of the label, here are some examples of potential, but fictional records that PCP could have released if the label had continued:

Artist: Mescalinum United
Title: Beyond Mekong Center
Track Titles:
A1. Into the Core
A2. Beyond Mekong Center
B1. The Lost City
B2. Acid Sunrays
Catalogue Number: PCP 016

Artist: Alien Christ
Title: The Cosmic Awakening
Cat. #: PCP 017
Format: (12")
A1. The Cosmic Awakening
A2. Metamorphosis
B1. Beyond the Universe
B2. Interdimensional Communication

Artist: The Possessed
Title: Techno Exorcism
Track Titles:
A1. Possessed by Techno
A2. Ritual of Exorcism
B1. Demonic Rave
B2. Temple of Beats
Catalogue Number: PCP 018

Artist: Cybernetic Empire
Title: Machine World
Cat. #: PCP 019
Format: (12")
A1. Machine World
A2. Digital Dreams
B1. Cybernetic Empire
B2. The Future is Now

Artist: Phuture
Title: The New Industrial Age
Cat. #: PCP 020
Format: (12")
A1. The New Industrial Age
A2. Mechanical Minds
B1. Digital Revolution
B2. Techno Utopia.

Artist: Cyborg Unknown
Title: Future Shock
Track Titles:
A1. Android Rebellion
A2. Cybernetic Dreams
B1. Dystopian Reality
B2. Robotic Uprising
Catalogue Number: PCP 021

Artist: T-Bone Castro
Title: Hardcore Mayhem
Track Titles:
A1. Mayhem in the Streets
A2. Hardcore Nation
B1. Insanity
B2. Rave Till Dawn
Catalogue Number: PCP 022