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Author Topic: Selling PCP, ACA, DE2k1 vinyl *IN USA*  (Read 2878 times)


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Selling PCP, ACA, DE2k1 vinyl *IN USA*
« on: October 19, 2008, 09:17:12 PM »

Vinyl collection too huge, house too small, modular synth too expensive, baby not cheap either

I'm selling all of my vinyl and replacing it with some form of digital dj'ing.  I know that this is very UN-DOOMCORE of me, but reality sets in.  In a sense I have "moved on" from my obsession with PCP - I'll be back, won't be the first time.. but for now it's goodbye

I am interested in hooking somebody up for FAIR prices and CHEAP shipping, hopefully to someone in USA who doesn't have a good shot at most of this stuff.  I spent loads on shipping..... here is a list of MOST of it, I'd prefer to batch these up and I will give better prices if so.  I'm thinking like 10-20% off whatever is on discogs right now if you buy a bunch of it but we will talk

PM me or email robert lorentz at gmail if any of this looks good to you...I'm reputable, loads of ebay feedback at user mrrlorentz, run axios records, and that bastard skinner can tell you I'm on the level

ACA001 - Marshall Masters E-Ternal
ACA002 - Miro - Shining / It's like XTC (shining has skipped in a room with HUGE table shacking bass but doesn't in most clubs)
ACA - Marc Acardipane - Today Tomorrow Forever
ACA - Horrorist - STROBE

PCP LP 01 (with that wonderful track from FS 1, B2, unfortunately skipping about 1 minute in due to a scratch)

PCP008 - Frontal Sickness 2, looks real scratched up but is actually in absolutely wonderful sounding condition

E-'Men' - XTC Express
E-man into the unknown

Reign - The Zombie Leader is Approachin (with the epic light and dark)
Reign - Hall 10"

Hellfire 01

Mover - Signs of '96
Mover - The Final Sickness
Mover - Frontal Frustration (the Tresor double pack)

Superpower TTC-3 whitelabel with oliver's handwritten nyc phone number on the cover (haha)

Steve shit - gabbertales
2 Evidence records from DE2k1
DE2k1 new mind remixes

BMR02 Skinner / Somatic Responses - Beyond Freedom, Beyond Dignity
BMR05 Low Entropy - Acid Massacre (12")
BMR12 Dr. Strange - The Dreadnought EP (12")

Bunch of crossbones and fifth era.  All of the dj promo NL "promo files" up through 6 or so

Less PLANET CORE related -- I also have some deathchant and similar style that I'm selling, and a whole bunch of proper breakcore (addict, distort, early and late vsnares stuff, shitmat, etc, rare history of the future shit..)