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Author Topic: 26.12.09 - Raving Nightmare - Invite Memories @ Platte Zaol Maastricht (NL)  (Read 2562 times)


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There is still a trace left.... and we’re bringing it back to life...
An ode to 2000-2004... Afraid it’s gonna be treacherous?... Don’t...
Just let you get sucked into it...and relive that moment...

One already knows the how and why of this yearly returning reunion. So just time to reveal the line-up. As you expected a top selection has been made iout of all the top artists there are in this scene and who have contributed to the infinte memories of the Raving Nightmare concept.

Date: 26. Dezember 2009

Location: Platte Zaol

Adress: Grien 6 - 7 at 6221 AJ Maastricht (NL)

Entry: VVK: 26,50 € (excl. presale fee)

Time: 21:00 - 07:00 h

Homepage: U-H-M

Line Up:

The DJ Producer
Evil Activities
Lady Dana
The Darkraver
The Viper


Masters of Ceremony

Tommyknocker & The Viper
Our two men who have become part of the UHM furniture… These two gentlemen have given away some extraordinary sets between 2001 -2007 at several Raving Nightmare editions. The timeless track “The Prophecy unfolds” (204) is one of the memories they have both made. This track appeared on the Italian Traxtorm label, is on of the most sold vinyl’s and even till today it’s a very much heard record at many hardcore events. So these 2 top producers/deejays could not miss a place in this line-up. 1 of the 2 battles performed this evening will be by these two guys. We know they will show all that they’ve got at this ultimate battle!

A history in the Platte Zaal these two shadowlands artists from Brabant have without a doubt. At almost every edition they were to be heard, either solo or in a battle. Surely you remember the unforgettable NY editions (2002/2003 and 2003/2004) where these two also contributed their part to the Infinite Memories. No more reasons needed to add these up to the line-up.

The man who has worked most sets in this locations. Between 2000 and 2004 he has spinned the wheels not less than 11 times at a Raving Nightmare edition! That definitely makes him a regular in the line-up. His renewing musical view made sure his sets were one to talk about. Legendary became his battle set with The DJ Producer in October 2003. And now, over 6 years later, yet again he will crawl behind the tables together with his mate. He’s prepared brake his own record. No doubt about it this will be a battle you cannot resist.

Lady Dana
This lady has been a regular at the Raving Nightmare even before it came to the Platte Zaal. She’s been around for so long now, she knows every up and down, every in and out from the hardcore scene. So it’s obvious why she can spin her set in all kinds of ways. This handsome Amsterdam woman will appear at this 2nd Christmaseve with a soloset of her vision of this period.

The DJ Producer
This great hero from the UK has become a steady guy for Raving Nightmare. His enormous creativity, musical choices and energy which he puts into his sets, is almost impossible to express in words. You just have to see and feel it. That’s one of the reasons why he’s an always highly wanted artist for the UHM organization. Because of his different styles and his “other look” at the hardcore, he makes the line-up complete in variety. Remember his legendary battle set with Promo in 2003? So now 6 years later, he will once again make a scene with his mate Promo. If you remember 6 years ago, you know you don’t want to miss this one.

The Darkraver
Should we spend time to explain this man? Fact :“Mr. Steve” was present at every event from UHM. Fact: he was not only present, but always in his best mood. Fact: Time after time he gave away a superb set. Fact: Bottles of Bacardi flowed through the mouth and veins of Steve. Fact: NY 2002/2003, he came flying down the ceiling at midnight! Fact: this artist has earned his tracks for UHM and in the Hardcore scene. Self-evident that this entertainer “pur sang” will give away an act that only he can. Last year he ended the reunion perfectly with a luminating dj set. This time he will start the show and will get everyone in the mood with his positive energy.

Evil Activities
Talking about one of the First live acts who ever shredded a foot on the Platte Zaal stage. Since than they only have had success, made top productions and releases and were on stage almost everywhere around the world. This Rotterdam sound cannot be missed at this Christmasnight. Tonight they will back to back with their colleague and lableboss Neophyte and show what they think about the period from than till now.

This man from Maastricht has been around for a long long time. It speaks for itself that he was one of the first who entered this location. Nowadays this UHM resident is a oftenly booked dj, so you can find him at all kinds of small and huge events in and around The Netherlands. Thnx to his superior mixtechnique in combination with his record choice this guy does it all. And each time he does something else to surprise friend or foe. He’s gonna warm you all up for this night, cause he cannot be missed at this event.

Masters of Ceremony & band LIVE in Concert
A special treat! The unique combination of Neophyte and Evil Activities in one act! Both live acts have done some hilarious and unforgettable performances at the Platte Zaal stage. Those who where there at NY2003/2004 remember the idiotic things they did!
Just like last year, these Infinite Memories shall contain only 1 live act. And so we wanted to make it gooood. So uniqueness for sure, cause for a whole hour these gentlemen will pull together with live band and a singer to give away a hardcore concert! The stage will be filled with no less than 8 people in the band!
All famous hits from Masters of Ceremony will blow your eardrums to the moon and back in special live and new versions. Only 2 times more the act has been seen somewhere in this formation. A combination which really can be mixed, as the gentlemen say for themselves. And so they will show you…

Come and get surprised and relive the hardcore period between 2000 till present day all over again in one of the best hardcore locations. The ticket in presale cost € 26,50 (ex fee) and are available at (including all free recordshops), all Primera shops & Paylogic in Holland, in Belgium at and in Germany through all 1500 CTS/ and As usual all regular UHM presale points in Holland, Germany & Belgium are supplied with hardcopy tickets. E-tickets are sold through the UHM webshop (


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       I cannot wait that this time comes. This is really exciting. I hope I have a vacant time in that day.

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