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Author Topic: PCP - When The Phuture Was Born  (Read 3687 times)

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PCP - When The Phuture Was Born
« on: February 11, 2014, 10:22:58 PM »
"Phuture" is a concept central to PCP. it is referenced in tracks, record titles, project names, on backcover info and so on. and indeed, while PCP is known for great techno or hardcore, even more so it is futuristic music - or rather, phuturistic music.
the tracks by PCP evoke many a great imaginery before one's eye - the comet swarm rising. the purple moon. the blue sun. of suns and moons.
it was something that always stood out for me with PCP - even before i went fully in love with the label. the sound of PCP always sounded so much futuristic, modern, scifi, alien, outer space. 'music for huge-space arenas', as cold rush records said? rather music for huge space-arenas!
the cyborg unknown, the phuture project, the planet phuture, the dance ecstasy from 3001. PCP is so much riddled with alien, future, exotic references, tricks and hints.
i rarely had this "phuture" feel with any other artists - early Juan Atkins or Somatic Responses can maybe compare, and it is something verily unique with PCP, which makes it special, and i guess is also hugely for the large and dedicated fanbase PCP has now.
PCP is a lot like the best of science fiction movies, novels, art, comics turned music - but not only that, but also intensified, concentrated, enlarged. it feels as if you would really travel around space when you listen to PCP. a darkened room, or even better, a party situation, augments this experience even more, of course.
also noteworthy is that PCP supplies various types of Phuture. from the near-future suburban battles of the cyborgs unknown, to the interstellar travel to the coloured moons, to the esoteric aliens of the outer systems, to the computerised mind of the 303 nation technoville.

it is home to mystery what enabled marc and the others to create this extraordinary phuture vibe. a love for scifi movies? comics? substances? an attitude? regardless of this, they definately suceeded with their task

when enjoying regular scifi stuff, there is always a kind of detachment, that is not there with PCP. it brings the phuture home.

this focus on its own "scifi" earned PCP a special place in the history of electronic music - or rather, put it on a level of its own - maybe a planet of its own.

i'm writing a series of texts on PCP, to showcase the label and give it more exposure (especially about some overlooked aspects).
the text can be found so far
maybe i will move it to a different place in the future


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Re: PCP - When The Phuture Was Born
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2014, 08:58:49 PM »
good stuff!
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